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Over 45 Years of Experience

Law firms, lending institutions, banks, service companies and a variety of other businesses across the United States use doc.u.search for their public information retrieval needs.

doc.u.search provides efficient and cost-effective services. Seasoned industry experts handle all assignments. With over 45 years of service, our experience speaks for itself.


We can assist you in securing timely accurate information regarding Uniform Commercial Code filings and tax liens NATIONWIDE. We also can record any financing statement for you. Our team of trained researchers saves valuable time and ensures the accuracy of our reported search/filing summaries. Results of all findings are confirmed by a written report.

Again, in order to meet your deadline, we can email, fax, phone or send overnight results to you.


We are ready to assist in all your real estate information needs. Our team of abstractors will review records at all Registry of Deeds, Land Courts or appropriate offices for real estate transactions. Whether it is a current owner report, a recording or information regarding outstanding liens, let us acquire this information to you.

We are prepared to aid all your needs regarding the real estate title services. As a team that provides real estate title services, we consist of abstractors who will audit records at all Registries of Deeds, Land Courts, or fitting workplaces for real estate transactions. Regardless of whether it is a present owner report, a recording, or data for outstanding liens, let us work and get this data to you.

Regardless of whether you’re loaning cash against a property, figuring out what encumbrances as of now exist, or wanting to dispossess, we will assist you with getting the data you have to settle on an educated choice at only a fraction of the price of customary suppliers. We offer ownership confirmation, mortgage, real estate tax, flood zone, proprietor and encumbrance, UCC fixture, grantee/grantor, and more different searches. We can help recover duplicates of real estate documents with government recording workplaces, liberating you from the time and exertion of managing a large number of various jurisdictions.

We serve in zones of New England, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

doc.u.search land records support services include:

  • Pre-checking and assessment of documents before accommodation upheld up by our deformity assurance and mistakes and omissions protection.
  • Fundamental audit and counsel on electronic overview plans and related reports preceding execution by parties.
  • Progressing of assets for customer’s sake, including documenting expenses and Property Transfer Tax.

doc.u.search’s property title search pros are allowed immediately, behind the counter access at Land Title Offices. We have the right stuff, understanding, and information to acquire and convey any property title documentation, including:

  • Title searches to discover landowners and all duplicates identifying with a property,
  • Land deals history (verifiable exchanges) of bundles as far back as could reasonably be expected or for explicit periods (counting subdivided packages when mentioned)
  • Significant reports showing property estimations (e.g., deals costs, rent, and rental rate),
  • Overview plans, maps, and privileges of a method for other enrolled interests.

doc.u.search gives duplicates of plans and archives for example:

  • Transfers, home loans and rents demonstrating property estimations
  • Involuntary charges like Judgments, Pending Litigation Certificates, Court Orders, Caveats, and Land Tax Deferments
  • Review plans, non-money related expenses, for example, easements, rights of way and other enlisted interests

Our specialists are competent at leading historical search and giving help with getting to titles bypassed in PC conversions. We provide results to you within your predetermined period in a simple to decipher report. We can likewise look and access plans and archives, including:

  • Current and historical title searches
  • Historical Assessment data
  • Subsurface asset possession data through researching any Land Title Offices and different sources.

Corporate searches are performed via looking at the open record for elements that are or have been joined in the predetermined jurisdiction. doc.u.search Inc. Corporate search Service guarantees ongoing satisfaction for the entirety of its federal and provincial corporate quests. These ventures, for the most part, incorporate the accompanying corporate data:

  • All consolidated continued or amalgamated elements.
  • Extra-provincial partnerships carrying on business.
  • Both revenue-driven corporations and non-profit associations.
  • Corporations ordered by individual Acts.

Getting to the corporate divisions at every one of the 50 states, we recover fundamental documentation/data and confirmation as required. Regardless of whether you need a corporate check, accreditation of presence/exceptional standing, or incorporating documents, we’ll ensure you. We will get them as fast as could reasonably be expected. We likewise can spare you essential time by recording corporate search reports and giving post-documenting proof. We help prevent fraud by discovering realities and facts about people. Use our representative confirmation report to check for fake competitors and identify inconsistencies in their resume. Online assistance goes about as a method for confirming and equitably confirming a person’s character, legal dispute status, educational check, credit score, and employment history – in this manner, commercial transactions and hiring decisions for being taken place between companies and candidates. We additionally lead thorough research to accumulate data on your potential or current worker from different information sources. We utilize a mix of cutting-edge examination to investigate all the data and afterward condense every pertinent hazard an organization ought to know about when concluding who to procure.

doc.u.search makes a consistent encounter through our innovation stage that is practical and gives results in a flash from believed check sources. It computerizes information assortment and coordinating as well as streamlines the whole procedure from request demands, progress status to conclusive report conveyance.

doc.u.search offers a comprehensive exhibit of corporate and business search and vault administrations. We represent considerable authority in Corporate and Partnership look, Certificates of Good Standing, Certificates of Status, Federal Corporate Searches, and Personal Property Lien Searches. As the Preferred Service Provider for BC Registry Services Corporate Online, we offer you access to neighborhood and global corporate, individual property, and mobile home libraries.

doc.u.search has an adequate reputation in corporate and commercial type registry work. We have finished a large number of business name searches, global corporation searches, and filings, including extra-provincial registrations, continuations, name reservations, and certificates. We are persistently developing our database of direct access accounts, professional associations, precedents, forms, and registry methodology.

doc.u.search underpins you in the inquiry and enlistment of organizations, individual property, and fabricated homes utilizing BC Registry Services and different vaults across the nation. We additionally process amalgamations, disintegrations, and rebuilding efforts of organizations.

doc.u.search gives personal property searches to help in deciding charges as they influence our client’s merchandise or the products of others. We search for individual property registries, land registries, trailers, and engine vehicles.

Business or corporate endorsements are frequently required when you have to furnish somebody or some other organization with the affirmation that your BC organization is on favorable terms.


Call upon our offices to provide you with documents and information from all courts, NATIONWIDE. Looking to find out if there are pending suits/judgments recorded against an entity? Call us. Need to review a copy of a current docket sheet or an entire case? Call us. Remember, we can be your representative in securing documents from any federal, state or local court system. Information regarding current or closed bankruptcy cases will be at your fingertips. Call us. Our experience in accessing these courts allows speedier and efficient access to the documents you need.

At doc.u.search, we comprehend that the strength of the case documents goes far beyond what is imprinted on the page. Invest less energy in dealing with your authoritative records and additional time setting up your case. While planning for trial, you have a great deal of moving pieces to organize and manage. We offer a full cluster of helpful, financially savvy revelation statement administrations to help you, giving you more opportunity to take a shot at your cases.

Call upon our workplaces to give you reports and data from all courts. Hoping to see whether there are pending suits/decisions recorded against someone? Call us. Need to audit a duplicate of a present docket sheet or a whole case? Call us. Keep in mind, we can be your agent in making sure about records from any government, state, or nearby court framework. Data in regards to present or shut liquidation cases will be readily available. Call us. Our involvement and experience with getting into these courts ensure speedier and proficient access to the data and documents you require.

doc.u.search has been recording court reports and directing court searches for over 40 years. Also, into document retrieval, we give search, file, and registry services for court reports. We keep up double procedure activities, preparing manual and electronic filings.

Your work submitted to doc.u.search, regardless of whether manual or electronic, get our careful and exhaustive consideration. Our thorough quality affirmation secures all work. Our litigation specialists lead a first audit, pre-vet, and examine your records for mistakes and omissions preceding accommodation, as indicated by the present court rules and guidelines.

We offer territory overall online Provincial and Supreme court search results as well as personal attendance at various court registries to acquire archives from court documents.

We are your one-stop search for all your court documenting and process serving needs. Contact our accommodating experts in Court Registry Support Services for more data or to demand a statement.

Our Legal Division encourages the translation of court procedures, including Oral Reasons and Transcript of Proceedings, with your ideal turnaround time. This administration is accessible for BC courts only.

We understand every customer and where they work, so our methodology is to tune in, learn, and build up an arrangement that will make their efficiencies, which lead to cost savings. An effective monetary advancement technique must concentrate on improving the procedures and conveying extraordinary help, decreasing the expense of business, and making information accessible in a shortsighted arrangement for genuine transparency.

Custom made projects include:

  • Evaluating the model for your business structure
  • Customer care program

Need someone to represent your corporation as an agent for service of process? We can help. Our network of representatives will assist you in complying with this statutory requirement. Our service includes accepting service of process and mail received by our firm on your behalf. A simple call to our offices will provide you with the necessary information needed to meet these requirements.

Upon the chance that somebody sues your business, the individual in question must inform the company that a claim has been recorded. Each state has laws that depict how that notice must happen. For instance, in individual states, a duplicate of the application has to be conveyed by process servers, while in different states, it will be sent by the court agent. The individual who conveys the claim makes a record of the date of conveyance, or “service,” and this decides your deadline for documenting a response.

Conveyance of the claim is called service of process. “Service of Process” can likewise allude to the conveyance of other authoritative records, for example, subpoenas expecting you to affirm in a court.

If somebody sues your company or LLC, they have to realize who to serve the claim or “process” upon. What’s more, as an entrepreneur, you have to realize that if your business is ever sued, you will get notice of the claim. You wouldn’t, for instance, need a request conveyed to a low maintenance high school teen who’s unprofessional, inexperienced, and does not even know what life is.

Therefore, every state’s laws require every business to assign an individual or organization that will acknowledge the service of process for the company in that particular state.

You are legally necessary to have an agent for service of process in the state where your business was founded and in each extra state where your organization is enrolled to do business.

That agent for service of process is liable for tolerating authoritative reports or legal documents that are served on your business. The agent would then forward the records to the fitting individual in your organization.

The agent’s name and address will show up on your business entity’s public records. Therefore, he or she may likewise get notifications from the secretary of state and taxing specialists. The agent also has to make sure that he or she forward these documents to you in any case.

On the off chance that the agent’s location changes, you should ensure the agent’s location data is refreshed with the state. Your business might be subject to punishments, on the off chance, that it fails to keep up a registered specialist.

Need somebody to represent your partnership as a specialist for service of process? We can help you. Our system of agents will help you in consenting to this statutory prerequisite. Our service incorporates accepting service of process and mail got by our firm on your behalf. Just a call to our workplace will furnish you with the fundamental data expected to meet these prerequisites.

We provide reliable information and document retrieval services from offices NATIONWIDE. With our many years of experience


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