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How much do searches cost?

Please review our rate sheet. It serves as a general guideline for fees charged. As we access offices NATIONWIDE, access and statutory fees will vary according to jurisdiction. We will be happy to quote you all anticipated fees and turn around times…just contact us.

How long will it take to complete a uniform commercial code search or other business search?

We take pride in providing the quickest and most professional access to all offices in the industry. We will work with your document and informational needs along with your deadlines. We know the different jurisdictions involved and their corresponding requirements and fees. We’ll be happy to advance any and all fees required to secure your information and make sure you get it on time. Meeting your deadlines with trusted results in a cost-efficient way has been the foundation of our success.

How will I receive the results of searches?

Upon completion of any search, we will summarize our findings in a written report and invoice. These reports, and supporting documents, can be forwarded to you in whatever way necessary to meet your deadline. Emailing, faxing, verbal reports or sending them by overnight courier are all your options. Just let us know what you require.

How will I compensate you for your services?

doc.u.search extends most companies the courtesy of establishing an account with our firm. If you are a new client, we will forward a form to be completed that provides our office’s critical billing and mailing information. It also outlines the terms of setting up your account and the expectations for payment. Once this form is completed, we will initiate any work you order. Our invoices are due upon receipt. Please honor the courtesies we extend by paying our invoices immediately.

We provide reliable information and document retrieval services from offices NATIONWIDE. With our many years of experience


We Serve- Law Firms: Law Firms/Corporate or Real Estate Lawyers, Personal Injury, Lending Institutions: Credit Unions, Brokerage Firms, Mortgage Lenders, Service Companies: Signing Companies, Title and Escrow

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